Environmental Review

This is the first thing we need to do when starting work with you, we review every aspect of your business activities and can then summarise what your main environmental risks, impacts and most importantly what your environmental opportunities are.

We will look at all of the aspects of your business; covering energy consumption, waste and recycling, water usage, raw materials / resource use, packaging, purchasing, transport, current systems and processes in place and current communications and marketing on green issues. Where we can, we will quantify your environmental impacts and we can then work out your potential opportunities not only for saving money, but for environmental benefits such as carbon or water saving.

The information that we collect in the environmental review forms the basis of your environmental policy statement, environmental strategy and environmental management plan and helps us design your environmental management system.

If you also want to go for ISO14001 certification, then we can also include a Gap Analysis against the Standard as part of the review.